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Recently, I had the blessing of some time off before starting a new full-time job. In line with my 8 poker goal ofI decided to capitalize on the opportunity to take a special poker vacation, with Prague as my chosen destination. While I did a good bit of touring over the three days I was there you should too! Unless you speak Czech, however, it can be pretty tough to navigate the Prague poker scene. Thus, the idea for writing up this guide to playing poker in Prague was born. This language is, of course, accepted at the tables.

This was never really an issue while I played, as the dealer usually called out all actions in both languages. Just as with online poker, liquidity is the name of the game with live poker and when no players are around, no games will be running.

Nonetheless, live poker cash games usually only heat up as the afternoon approaches. With that said, and with a hat tip nhl gambling Sam Grafton and Liba FoordEditor-in-Chief of Card Player Czech Magazine card about her in my final notes at the bottombe sure to regularly check out Pokerzive.

Be smart and insist on the meter or haggle with them on a fixed price that seems fairas Czech taxi cabs are sadly known for taking tourists for a ride card a different kind! I was pleasantly surprised to find both free tableside drink service as well as a fully-stocked bar available to all poker players.

In other words, players from most Western nations will usually only find lower stakes action in home poker games. Generally speaking, tourists will find Prague to be a relatively inexpensive city, and poker is casino prague exception.

One thing I noticed immediately was that players rarely tipped the dealers. Boy do those Czechs like to smoke! Being used to playing in non-smoking rooms, which are the norm in the States, the smoking was the one thing that really caught me off guard about playing poker in Prague. There was quite literally nothing I could do to prevent almost casino entire wardrobe from smelling like tobacco. Upon returning home, for the first time in my life, I actually had to run the washing machine cycle a second time on the same set of clothing just to get poker stench out.

I kid you not! This was the poker stain on an otherwise phenomenal poker vacation for me. Casino game protection pdf all of that said, at least you know what to expect now when heading to Prague to play poker. Be sure to prepare or buy an extra set of clothing to change into for your flight home. The poker room there remains active throughout the year, but it seems to cater more to tourists than other poker rooms in the city, often spreading only higher-limit games and taking a higher rake.

I actually visited the Ambassador poker room twice, once at the beginning and once at the end of my trip. By far the most well-appointed poker room I visited during my sojourn in the city, the Card Casino Prague was simply a pleasure to visit on all accounts, for numerous reasons. Spacious, with room for over 40 tables, the complex was immaculately clean and aesthetically pleasing to the max. Be sure to emerge towards the streets from the correct station exit! Lukas proved to be a veritable fountain of information about Prague poker in general and his poker room in particular, as well as a gracious and charming host.

He even called me a cab at the end of the night! As Lukas pointed out, it all depends on foot traffic and interest. Once it finds a new home, we will update the information on this page with the details. With over a dozen tables, none with automatic shufflers, they seem to have tried to fit too much poker potential into way too small of a space. Plus, rather than a coat check room, I was directed to a rack of coat hangers… Make of that what you will. What the room lacked in aesthetic quality, however, it made up for in promotions; the only room in the city, I must say, to offer something tangible in that regard.

Out of the goodness of her heart, Liba was kind enough to do a whole lot of legwork and research on my behalf prior to my trip in order to provide me with recommendations of which card rooms in the city would be suitable for a recreational poker player like me to play at. Update July 17, Please see the comments of Marek, below, and check out his site.

An expert on the poker industry, Robbie has also written for PokerStrategy. He has also served as the on-camera presenter and host of numerous poker videos. In this day and age, many ways exist for people to have fun and wind down while enjoying their free time. Among some of these are of course watching movies, playing sports, surfing the Internet, and engaging in some popular….

In this special Cardplayer Lifestyle article we list 17 ways online poker players stick out among a crowd of live poker players. While not exactly flashing neon signs, these telltale signs will surely indicate that you're sitting at the poker…. The show, which has been around for over four years, features lead host Bruce Briggs and I'll be joining…. Poker is great anywhere you play it, whether online, in a home game or in a casino.

There are some distinct advantages, however, to playing poker in a casino and here's a list of 8 of them, card casino prague poker. What's preventing online poker from becoming legalized nationwide in the United States? This post examine online poker's legality igt iowa gambling test a state and federal level. Specifically, increased tax revenues seem to be the impetus for some states to get moving towards….

While many online poker pros have given serious thought to relocating abroad, where they could continue playing legally, just the thought of the bureaucracy and hassle involved has forced plenty potential emigrants to stay put. Cardplayer Lifestyle brings you another great Top 10 list. Today, we examine the 10 best reasons you should be tipping dealers at the poker table. We at Cardplayer Lifestyle think it's high time some innovations be made in live poker rooms, namely the introduction of wild card poker games.

Check out our latest article to see how this would benefit both poker players as well…. Do you like to play poker live but are frustrated with the slow speed of the game after getting used to multitabling online? Hey Robbie, great post, thank you! How was the rake in prague? Especially in card Casino prague? Honestly, barely noticed it. Thanks for this detailed post especially all the bits about local customs.

The City is amazing and the food internet gambling regulation act cheap and good Konvict bar spicy sausages in beer — superb. As you said the smoke is unreal. Thank you so much for prague kind words, sir!

Glad you found it to be accurate… perhaps we might meet across the felt someday…. The smoke is a problem basically everywhere Ambassador, Showdown, Kajot, Hilton is poker nonsmoking area, but they have one table for smokers. About rake — high in Hilton and Showdown, a little bit better in Ambassador, fine in Kajot. The CG is quite difficult here, I would recommend Ambassador instead. Thanks for the updates, Marek — much appreciated.

Poker in Prague at these three casinos is so low stakes it is not poker anywhere a regular player would want to travel to. Thanks for poker the time to write this. A group of 5 of us will be going there in 5 weeks and your info is certainly appreciated. Thanks for reading, Dan!

Glad you found the info useful. To the best of my knowledge, Card Casino Prague has unfortunately not yet reopened. Moving into Poker Podcasts: Poker Refugees Helps U. Online Poker Players Relocate Abroad While many online poker card have given serious thought to relocating abroad, where they could continue playing legally, just the thought of the bureaucracy and hassle involved has forced plenty potential emigrants to stay put.

Poker Rooms Should Start Spreading Wild Card Games We at Cardplayer Lifestyle think it's high time some innovations be made in live poker rooms, namely the introduction of wild card poker games. Pascal 2 years ago. Robbie Strazynski Post Author 2 years ago. Hey Pascal, Thanks so much! Thom 1 year ago. Robbie Strazynski Post Author 1 year ago. Marek 1 year ago. Hi guys, just casino prague correction — Card Casino in Smichov is closed now, more info about current CG scene is at my blog.

John Grossman 1 year ago. Dave Evans 2 months ago. Robbie Strazynski Post Author 2 months ago. Dan 45 mins ago. Btw, is Card Casino Prague still closed? Robbie Strazynski Post Author 48 mins ago. Write A Comment Cancel Reply.

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